Steering - An opportunity to improve your performances




The current company consists of complex processes in the service of a strategy : an organization, people, projects, and a market. A system of steering cannot thus amount to a simple system of "reporting" and to a warehouse of data. This reducing vision does not allow to steer the reality of a company : its operational activities, their interactions, their contributions to the strategy.



OKARA proposes you an approach intended to put in coherence your information system with the need of steering the big functions of the company and its strategy :


- Steering of the activity by function through a set of steering business modules,
- Alignment of the steering business modules on the strategy by an approach allowing every function to measure its contribution to the strategy of the company,
- A measure of the performances " in relative " allowing to define a common scenario of dashboards,
- An at once operational and strategic vision of the performance,
- A base of business knowledge fate to facilitate the functional centring of the projects based on the permanent enrichment of our curve of experience,
- Functional and technical architecture opened, based on the technological standards by privileging free open-source tools towards the commercial tools,
- An approach of implementation under quality insurance and accompaniment of the change.




Okara obtains the Young Innovative Company label

Paris on March 22nd, 2010 - Thumbrules project : scenarios for business rules

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